About Us

In early 2021, when we purchased our first home, the task of decorating proved to be quite overwhelming. The meticulous process of selecting the right products for each room design became both tedious and time-consuming. In our quest for home décor, specifically wall art for the living room, we found ourselves navigating through various websites and shops to identify the perfect product in the right size that complemented the room.

This experience sparked the idea for Hang It Home! a solution to the need for a centralised platform offering a diverse range of modern and unique designs. Our vision is to become the go-to destination for individuals seeking exquisite home décor. After months of extensive research, we curated our five best collections: Abstract, Bohemian, Islamic, Kids, and Landscape, Cities & Maps.

As customers explore our shop, our aim is for them to focus on the desired design aesthetic for their room. We encourage them to consider the various colours and shapes within our products, facilitating a seamless selection process from our five inspirational categories.

Recognising wall art as a challenging aspect of home decoration, we have prioritised canvas prints as our initial offering. We are committed to expanding our product range in the near future to provide our customers with the best and most unique décor options.

For now, let Hang It Home be the catalyst to bring life to your walls. Explore our curated collections and elevate your home with sophistication and style.